• IBM Cloud

    I designed and updated responsive web pages, created wireframes for IBM cloud, responsible for the concept, messages, design and theme behind a series of advertisement ads for IBM’s brand awareness campaign.

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  • Illustrating a lead space for the group of IBM consultants, it focuses on sustainability within financial services. The concept of the illustrations revolves around a vibrant green key, symbolizing the unlocking of a city's potential for sustainable growth. About IBM sustainability - sustainability in business involves a comprehensive strategy and dedicated actions to address adverse environmental and social impacts resulting from operations in specific markets
  • Illustrating a lead space for the group of IBM consultants focusing on the sustainability solutions – The concept of the illustration revolves around the theme of organic growth, visually representing the dynamic and regenerative nature of sustainable practices. IBM specialize in developing custom strategies that integrate sustainability into business operations. Through innovative approaches, IBM inspire transformative change for a more sustainable future.
  • Creating an illustrated lead space for sustainability in government service involves combining Capitol Hill with a recycling magnet to symbolize the merging of legislative power with environmental responsibility. IBM's Sustainability Accelerator applies IBM technology and expertise to scale non-profit and government initiatives to develop solutions aimed at helping vulnerable populations address environmental challenges.
  • Creating an illustrated lead space for sustainability in farming services involves combining livestock with the planet Earth map to depict a symbiotic relationship between agriculture and the environment, enhanced by weather forecasting. IBM's Sustainability in Farming service is a part of the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, which offers farmers and food producers near real-time weather data and agricultural insights using machine learning.
  • Explore IBM's innovative sustainability solutions through a captivating illustration: a lightbulb transformed into a flying balloon. This symbolizes efficient lighting solutions soaring with new ideas to help you achieve your sustainability goals. Let us elevate your vision and illuminate the path forward towards a more sustainable future. IBM Sustainability Solution is a comprehensive set of tools and services that help organizations reduce their environmental impact and improve their sustainability performance. The solution includes a range of features such as carbon footprint analysis, energy management, waste reduction, and sustainable procurement. It also provides insights and recommendations to help organizations set and achieve sustainability goals.
  • Introducing an illustrated lead space for sustainability in financial services—creating a combination of a watch symbolizing time and a wind turbine propeller dial representing carbon-neutral electricity. This imagery reflects the commitment of the financial industry to renewable energy solutions, driving sustainability forward. IBM has increasingly taken an integral role in supporting sustainability initiatives in the financial sector, as it works to promote sustainable finance and ensure that its products and services align with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles. This is evident from its pledge to reduce carbon emissions, its commitment to sustainable finance, and its acquisition of SAP Financial, which is expected to help drive sustainable finance.
  • Created a concept for a lead space featuring a zebra pattern blended with a fingerprint design. This unique combination symbolizes the idea of identity protection—highlighting the unpredictability of identity theft. The zebra, known for its distinctive stripes, represents individuality, while the fingerprint signifies personal identity. Together, they convey IBM's commitment to safeguarding identities and offering solutions to protect against cyber threats. This illustration captures IBM's dedication to security and innovation in a visually impactful and memorable way. IBM Security is a division of IBM that offers intelligent enterprise security solutions and services to help businesses prepare for cybersecurity threat
  • Designing a T-shirt logo concept for IBM with creative symbolism: The umbrella symbolizes IBM's expansive product offerings, covering a wide range of solutions and services across industries. Creatively integrating a USB symbol into the handle of the umbrella represents IBM's technological expertise and innovative solutions. This design concept captures IBM's versatility and technological prowess in a visually compelling and memorable way.
    IBM T-shirt 008
  • Crafting a logo concept incorporating symbols of research and innovation for IBM: Visualize a unique logo design featuring a flower with the center resembling an atom, symbolizing scientific research and innovation. Inside the atom flower, integrate the IBM rebus (IMB) to represent IBM's integral role in advancing research and technology. This creative fusion of elements conveys IBM's commitment to cutting-edge research and development, encapsulating the essence of scientific discovery and progress. This logo design effectively communicates IBM's position at the forefront of research-driven innovation.
    IBM T-shirt 009
  • Crafting an illustration concept for DLI (Design Lead Innovation at IBM) that conveys creativity and inspiration: Visualize an engaging illustration showcasing a hand grabbing a lightbulb in a Newton's cradle game, with the lightbulb radiating rays of inspiration. Surrounding the lightbulb are thought bubbles and gears, symbolizing the collective brainstorming and innovative ideas sparked by DLI. This illustration represents DLI's commitment to thinking outside the box to enhance engagement and sales across It captures the essence of creativity, collaboration, and forward-thinking within the group, inspiring innovative solutions that drive meaningful impact.
    IBM innovation logo 014 copy
  • Created for my team at IBM seasonal greeting happy holiday
    Happy holiday illustrations 011 copy
  • Created for my team at IBM seasonal greeting happy holiday
    Happy holiday illustrations 012 copy
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  • The Alice App

    The Alice App is a complete interactive book app, based on the story of Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

    The app is a mash-up of Lewis Carrolls story and an elegant art history class.

    The book illustrations are collages of Flemish and Dutch Renaissance art, and it is a conceptual book and an educational book all in one so it has something for everyone.

    Children can study art while they are enjoying the story.

    The app is available for iTunes and Google play.

    I created the Illustrations, designed the app, and managed programmers and other vendors.

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  • The Cure

    The Cure is an English rock band formed in Crawley, West Sussex, in 1976. The band has experienced several line-up changes, with vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter Robert Smith being the only constant member.

    By the start of the 1990s, the Cure were one of the most popular alternative rock bands in the world. The band is estimated to have sold 27 million albums as of 2004.

    I designed their ever first Flash Video clip for their album, Blood Flowers, and the song called Out of This World.

    The commission for the video clip was by Elektra records and Robert Smith, the lead singer of The Cure, approved the video clip and loved it.

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